Docker images

LTD Keeper is deployed in production as a Docker container through Kubernetes. This page describes how to build new Docker images as part of the development process.

See the Operations Guide for how to use the LTD Keeper Docker image in production.

Published images

LTD Keeper’s Docker images are published on Docker Hub under the lsstsqre organization (LSST SQuaRE).


The primary image is lsstsqre/ltd-keeper, created from the Dockerfile in LTD Keeper’s repository.. This Docker image makes LTD Keeper available as a uWSGI application on port 3031.

The lsstsqre/ltd-keeper is build automatically through Travis CI. The key tags are:

  • latest: built from the master branch of the GitHub repository.

  • X.Y.Z: semantically-versioned releases, corresponding to tags in the GitHub repository.

  • tickets-DM-N: built from LSST Data Management development branches.


This is an Nginx Proxy for LTD Keeper containers to be used in a Kubernetes pod (see Initial Kubernetes deployment). The related Dockerfile can be found in

Building and publishing the lsstsqre/ltd-keeper Docker image

For local development

During development, you can make a local Docker image:

make image

This image is tagged as lsstsqre/ltd-keeper:build, but is not immediately pushed to Docker Hub.

For development on Docker Hub

Whenever you push commits to a branch on GitHub, Travis CI builds and pushes a new image that is tagged corresponding to the branch name. Note the following rules:

  • /” characters are replaced by “-.” For example, a tickets/DM-N branch is tagged as lsstsqre/ltd-keeper:tickets-DM-N.

  • The master branch is tagged as lsstsqre/ltd-keeper:tickets-DM-N.

For release

Released Docker images use semantic version labels. Make these images by tagging the Git repository:

git tag -s X.Y.Z -m "X.Y.Z"
git push --tags

Travis CI builds and publishes the corresponding lsstsqre/ltd-keeper:X.Y.Z image.