Installing and configuring for development and testing


LTD Keeper requires Python 3.5.

You can get the application by cloning the Git repository:

git clone

Install the pre-requisites with pip: Install for development:

cd ltd-keeper
make install

LTD Keeper also uses SQLite in development and testing modes (any SQL server can be used in production).

Running Tests: pytest

You can invoke the pytest-based tests by running:

make test

Running for development

The ‘development’ configuration profile provides useful defaults for running an LTD Keeper instance locally (see

Run LTD Keeper in development mode via:

Running LTD Keeper locally requires three separate terminal sessions.

In the first:

make redis

In the second:

make db-init
make run

In the third:

make worker

The make db-init command creates tables in a development database with a default user. This default user has username user and password pass.

Using httpie, you can get an auth token by running:

http --auth user:pass get :5000/token

Once the development DB is prepared you can skip the make db-init commands.

Clean up the development DB by running:

make db-clean